It is easy to be part of the Sterling / Rock Falls Men's Club.  There are only 4 criteria - 1) Be a Man, 2) Desire to Make a Difference, 3) Commit a Small Amount of Time Each Month to Make a Difference, 4) Know How to Have Fun.  Dues are $50 per year and the first year is on us.  To Join Contact Us.

Membership Roster

Alan Bauer
Brent Bell
Jon Byar
Ed Castillo
Kenny Decker
Tom DeWalt
Jason Dubree
Mike Fane
Jason Heal
Mark Humphreys
Fred Johnson
David Lockhary
Thurlow Matteson
Max Melms
Steve Moore
Steve Mortonson
Tom O Neill
Tim Olds
Mike Scanlan
Eric Shaffer
Chad Stoudt
Dan Winstead
Rich Witmer
Steven Yde
Les Bland